Think Over Before You Make Over

Undergoing any kind of surgical procedure is as always a matter of serious consideration. Altering one’s body, even for aesthetic purposes, demands the guidance of an experienced professional. The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) marks a seal of approval, allowing the public to make an informed choice when searching for safe treatment.

An IAPS plastic surgeon is a fully accredited plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon.

A plastic surgeon listed on the association’s website,, is fully trained in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and is accredited. Always ask for a member of IAPS when considering any form of plastic surgery. Th is is the equivalent of “board certifi ed” that is commonly referred to in the US.


You can never overthink when it comes to plastic surgery, and thorough research on both your surgeon and procedure is advised. Refer to the IAPS list of accredited, qualifi ed plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons before embarking on a decision.


A fully accredited plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon has undergone complete surgical specialist training in plastic surgery under the auspices of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Th e training for a fully accredited plastic surgeon is a lengthy (often up to 15 years) and rigorous training pathway that generally includes medical school, an internship, a period spent as junior doctor, basic surgical training through RCSI, a research degree (MD/MCh/PhD) followed then by higher specialist training (HST) in Plastic Surgery (SpR) in Plastic Surgery (a further six years) which culminates in a certifi cate of completion of specialist training (CCST) and an Intercollegiate Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (FRCS Plast). Th ese surgeons then go on to do a super-specialised fellowship abroad before returning home as Consultant Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons.

A surgeon with these accredited qualifi cations is qualifi ed in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic (cosmetic) surgery. No other training qualifi es an individual to use this term, although there is much confusion regarding this.


There is no governance over the term “cosmetic surgeon” and the public should be aware that many doctors who use the term “cosmetic” do not have this specialist training.

Only surgeons who have completed their specialist training in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery are qualifi ed to work in this fi eld, although unfortunately this is not regulated in Ireland. To make an informed choice, research and an expert surgeon are essential.

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