Trauma Many people are surprised to learn that emergencies form a large part of most Plastic Surgeons workload, dealing with both acute injuries and also with the longer-term reconstruction following trauma. In particular Plastic Surgeons look after injuries of the face, the hands and burn injuries, but may also [...]

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Skin Cancer


Skin Cancer Skin Cancer is the commonest cancer in Ireland. However, in most cases it is completely curable. It is also the commonest cancer in the 15-44 age group. Celtic Irish skin is particularly susceptible to skin cancer. Sun exposure or sunburn, or the use of sunbeds, can play [...]

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Hand Surgery


Hand Surgery Hand Surgery is surgery of the hand and wrist and the nerves of the upper limb. The treatment of these disorders is done by either Plastic surgeons or Orthopaedic hand surgeons. Certain conditions are more often managed by one of these specialities, but there is often a [...]

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Cranio-Facial This is a branch of Plastic surgery that looks after patients who have anomalies of the skull, face and jaw, which may be present since birth or may develop later in life. The bones of the skull and/or face may overgrow, under grow or fuse too soon, leading [...]

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Cosmetic Surgery


Cosmetic Surgery An increasing number of people have undergone Cosmetic surgery in recent years in Ireland. There can be significant benefits if done properly, but there can be risks. It is important to consider all cosmetic procedures carefully if one wants to maximize the benefits, and minimize the risks. [...]

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Cleft Lip & Palate


Cleft Lip & Palate With more than 75,000 new babies born each year in Ireland at the moment, between 90 and 100 are born with a cleft of the lip and/or palate. While this can initially be distressing for the parents and family, reconstructive plastic surgery is possible to [...]

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Burns Burns can be the most devastating injury sustained by humans. A major burn can be life-threatening, and leave life-long mental and physical scars. Even minor burns can be disabling. Prevention is paramount. Burns commonly happen in the home. Kettles and cooking pots should be pushed to the back [...]

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Breast Reconstruction


Breast Reconstruction Breast reconstruction is now considered a routine aspect of breast cancer treatment for those women facing mastectomy. Most people are suitable for reconstruction and patients are encouraged to seek a referral for assessment by a plastic surgeon, if they wish to consider reconstruction. Timing Reconstruction can be [...]

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