Breast implant safety statement


A statement on breast implant safety Breast implants are amongst the most used and most highly studied implantable medical devices in the world. Important lessons were learned from historical incidents which have resulted in improvements in the international regulatory system and the widespread introduction of national breast implant registries. The establishment of effective [...]

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Think Over Before Your Make-Over


Think Over Before You Make Over Undergoing any kind of surgical procedure is as always a matter of serious consideration. Altering one's body, even for aesthetic purposes, demands the guidance of an experienced professional. The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) marks a seal of approval, allowing the public to make an informed [...]

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Patient Safety Requires Regulation of Plastic Surgery Sector


Patient Safety Requires Regulation of Plastic Surgery Sector Recent revelations that a substantial number of consultant jobs within the HSE are staffed by doctors who lack specialist training have provoked significant public outcry. Legitimate patient safety concerns have been raised. The HSE itself has expressed concerns and admitted this should not be happening. Patients deserve to know that the most senior doctor overseeing their care [...]

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